I lean down and beautiful latina girls with the tip of my tongue I lick down your cleavage. My fingers carefully peel back the sheet, like a wave receding from the shore. I kiss your supple skin that adorns your perfect stomach. I see your belly rise and fall, and there it is, my destination, your belly button; a seemingly innocent hole. I gaze lovingly at it, wanting to make love with the start of your existence. I gently place my tongue in it, and lightly swirl it in its depth. It’s so soft, like all of the skin that wraps your body.

As my one thick latina tongue dips in and out, my hand creeps up the waves of the sheet beneath us. My fingers lightly touch your hair. My fingers from my other hand gently spread your navel wider. I want to be deep inside you, to feel you, to be at one with you. The tip of my tongue laps the outskirts and slowly dips in. It circles the edge, round and round, clockwise first then opposite. Your concaved skin now glistens and I feel the heat that’s radiating from you. I slowly trace my fingers away and they lightly stroke the curve of your breast. Over the top and on the underside, I cup your breast and it fills my hand.

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I lightly blow my nude hot latina women warm breath in your belly button. My breath is cooler than your skin and I feel you shiver slightly and you exhale a satisfying moan. You appear more conscience now and you’re coming to terms that there actually is someone so close to you. It’s not a dream baby. I can’t look at you, for if our eyes met the magic would be lost. I feel a gentle hand in my hair, slowly massaging a fistful of my hair. I moan into your belly button, softly kissing it, all over it and around it. I hear you speak, a sleepy voice, but I hear you clearly… “Don’t stop baby, please don’t stop…”

My tongue latina pussy unblocked now laps at your naval, and I feel you fidgeting beneath me. I’m sure I recognise your movements, I’ve seen them countless times before. Surely you can’t be… can you? My eyes divert from your creamy white layer and I gaze upon your thighs. You’ve spread your legs and raised your knees. You are slowly grinding against thin air. Still I don’t want our eyes to meet, this spell can’t be broken, not just yet

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Another weary moan nude latina babes from you and you mutter so sexily, “baby, I think I’m gonna… don’t stop…” I now dip my tongue right in, probing your inner core. Faster I lap the delicate hole, your fingers in my hair and your moans encouraging me to pleasantly intrude the centre of your body. I hear you gasp, then gasp again. I can hear a soft urgency oozing from your lips, “yes baby… goddd… yesss.”

I feel you tense, your stomach taut, latina milf hunter your hips and legs rigid as the wave of a silky smooth orgasm passes through you. I stay deep in your belly button, whispering my breaths into you. I hear you… “Kiss me baby…

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Liz was latina babes bush a striking woman, three years younger than me. She was two inches shorter than Tracy with a classic 1950s pin-up figure, solid rather than willowy. Her waist was narrow, while her hips were wide and her breasts were D-cup large and firm. She had thick auburn hair cascading half way down her back. Although it wasn't obvious in the golden glow of the bed lights, she had a beautiful allover tan hot blonde latina latina butt fucked

"I saw everything!" Liz exclaimed as she strode latina women doggy style over to the bed. She was breathing hard and I could see her face was flushed, even in the subdued light. "Bob, how could you fuck our daughter . . . in her pussy and ass?" I could see Liz's nipples were hard beneath the tight fabric of her pullover top. "And Tracy, how could you let him do that to you?

At the sound of Liz's voice, Tracy had broken away from free latina sex my embrace and leaped to her feet. She was standing beside the bed, naked except for her white stockings, earrings and necklace, frozen in place and unable to take her eyes off Liz. She'd been startled for a second, but now understood the new player's role in our game hot latina sex

Tracy unconsciously licked her lips. "I'm sorry Mommy!" she older mature latina sex cried, running around the bed and flying into Liz's arms. "It's my fault. I led Daddy on.

Liz wrapped her arms around Tracy's bare back and latina highschool porn made little cooing sounds as Tracy sobbed against her ample breasts. blonde latina nude galleries of nude latina lesbians

Tracy abruptly stopped sobbing and lifted free latina cumshot videos her face from Liz's chest. "What's that smell?" she asked. "It's almost like . . . Mommy, it's you. You smell like . . ." she took a step backward and put a hand between Liz's legs. "Your panties are soaked. You got all hot watching us fuck.

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Tracy caught one of Liz's hands and pulled it to little latina tits her face. "Your hand is wet. It smells and tastes like pussy juice. Your nipples are hard, too. You were masturbating while you watched us. Like Daddy said, you're an absolutely filthy big girl! No wonder I'm a naughty slut who can't get enough cock. I take after you.

"Don't big latinas naturals tits be vulgar!

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Tracy slowly and deliberately put her hands on Liz's body, kneading free preview latina asian sex her breasts and pinching her nipples. "I'm your little girl," she purred. "I'm just as dirty as you and I'm proud of it.

"You are hot latinas havign sex a sexy little bitch," Liz said, pulling Tracy to her. "I can't believe you came out of my pussy." She kissed Tracy, hard.

I went into the bathroom and washed my latina milf 10 cock. When I came back, Liz was sitting on the edge of the bed with her skirt up and legs open. Tracy was on her knees with her face buried in Liz's crotch.

"Tracy, you're so good," Liz said latina messy facial in a voice husky with passion. "I'm amazed this is the first time you've eaten a woman out." She pulled her top over her head, revealing her big beautiful breasts, supported by a half-bra.

"Bob's back," Liz said, gently pushing Tracy away and nude latina secretary sex rising to her feet. "Bob, you know I have to punish you for having sex with our daughter." She was still wearing her panties. Tracy had pulled them to one side to access her pussy.

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"Good! Get the big chair fat latina fucked with the open arms and set it beside the bed." After I'd dragged the chair into position, Liz spread a towel on the plush seat and commanded, "Get on your knees, bending over the bed. Close your eyes." Liz's feet were silent on the carpet, but I heard her opening the nightstand drawer that held the toys. "Spread your cheeks," she said from behind me. I knew what was coming as soon as I felt the pressure against my anus. I screamed as she drove the lubricated plug up my butt. It was new and bigger than any of the old ones; 5-1/2 inches long and 1-3/4 inches in diameter.

"Get up and sit in the chair," latina lesbian machine Liz said, reaching into the drawer. "As you've already noticed, I bought some new toys." She fastened my wrists and ankles to the chair arms and legs with soft leather cuffs. "You look so good tied up like that," Liz purred. "You're going to watch me play with our daughter." She unfastened her skirt and let it fall to the floor, leaving her dressed in the black half-bra, translucent black panties, black mesh stockings and shiny black high-heeled shoes.

Liz removed her panties and held them teen models latina up in front of my face. "I really soaked these while I was watching you and Tracy. Want a taste?" When I nodded, she balled the flimsy garment up and stuffed it in my mouth. It didn't stretch my mouth uncomfortably, but her pungent female taste was almost overwhelming.

Tracy was staring wide-eyed at Liz free 8th street latina videos and me. "Mommy, you're not going to hurt Daddy, are you?

"Not any more than he needs," Liz growled, large latina boobs taking Tracy's hand. "Come into the bathroom with me. I'm going to wash my bad little girl's butt, since Daddy's done nasty things to it." As they were leaving the room, Liz picked up a tiny remote control from the nightstand. "Bob, try to entertain yourself while we're gone," she said, pushing a button on the remote. The plug in my butt started vibrating. My cock had been standing straight out from my body, parallel to the floor. It instantly snapped to an almost-vertical position.

Liz and Tracy spent a long latina woman black man sex time in the bathroom. I could hear water running and the women giggling and occasionally squealing with excitement. Imagining what they were doing, combined with the vibration in my ass, pushed me to the brink of orgasm, in spite of my earlier climaxes.

When they finally returned, Liz stopped in front of latina booty jiggle my chair and stood with her legs spread. She'd removed the half-bra, but was still wearing her black stockings and heels. "Look at my snatch," she ordered, reaching down and pulling herself open. "We just cleaned each other and I'm already juicy again." I stared hungrily at her bare pussy, hoping she'd climb onto the chair and push it against my mouth.

"Tracy's just thick tit latinas as wet," Liz continued. "Show him your cunt, Baby."

I blinked in surprise. Tracy's latina free thumbs sparse blonde pubic hair was gone, except for a closely-trimmed triangular patch above her vulva. "Ooh aveed eer!" I exclaimed

"You still have my panties in your latina lingerie gallery mouth? I expected you to spit them out. You've probably chewed them to shreds by now." Liz kissed me hard after she'd reclaimed her panties. "Yes, I shaved our daughter. It makes her even more like a little girl. Did you enjoy it, Baby?"

"Oh yes, Mommy! latina lingerie It was scary at first having a razor gliding over my pussy lips and around my clit, then I got so excited I almost came. I didn't have much hair down there anyway, but it feels so different being completely smooth." She bent over my crotch. "Look at Daddy's cock and balls! They're completely covered with pre-cum. Can I lick him, Mommy?

"No Dear. Daddy's being punished. Don't touch him. latina cum swallowers Anyway, I want you to play with my wet snatch." Liz stepped away from the chair and leaned against the wall with her legs open, positioning her body so I could get a good view of the action.

"Yes Mommy." Tracy slid two fingers into her own latinas anal fucking pussy, then held them inches from my face. They were slick with her juices. "See what Mommy did?" she asked before joining Liz. "You have such beautiful tits," she said, placing her hands on Liz's breasts. "When I was a baby, I couldn't get enough of them. I still can't." She buried her face in Liz's cleavage.

"Oh yeah Baby, that's so good," Liz gasped. "Sorry latina woman african man sex I don't have any milk for you. I always got so wet when you sucked my nipples. Sometimes Daddy'd fuck me while I was nursing you. I'd cum hard with his cock spurting in my cunt and you sucking milk from my tits."

"Oh kinky Mommy!" Tracy latina porn star listings murmured, sinking to her knees. "I tried to lick your clit while I was coming out. It's easier this way." Without any preliminaries, Tracy drove three fingers into Liz's snatch and wrapped her lips around her clitoris.

Liz was kneading her breasts and roughly latinas pussy fuck pulling her nipples while Tracy went down on her. She started gasping almost immediately. "Oh . . . Baby . . . Doll! You're . . . making . . . me . . . I'm cummming!" Tracy held on and continued stimulating Liz as she screamed and thrashed against the wall.

"Oh, that was petite latinas fucking so good!" Liz exclaimed when she'd regained her breath. "Now I need to get fucked.

"Are you going to untie 8th street latinas college girls Daddy?